Some Ideas on Future Air & Water Quality Needs

I’ve been thinking of some ideas on future needs in the air and water quality monitoring field.  First, the equipment must be sensitive.  Other main features will be cost (as reasonable as possible) and ruggedness.  First, I want to thank Dmitry Orlov for inspiring me to think in this fashion.


5 Responses to “Some Ideas on Future Air & Water Quality Needs”

  1. farfetched58 Says:

    Hi Doc! waving

  2. drdoomphd Says:

    Hi Far! Thanks for visiting here. Not too sure what I will do with it, but it might get moron interesting, assuming I get some time to devote to it. That’s a lot of its, huh?

  3. drdoomphd Says:

    One feature I may add that could be unique to the internet is a critical comment to myself, which I often get in my head but rarely, if ever, write down. I think moron people ought to add their self-critiques to their blogs. If anything, it would showcase how human we all are. (Oh, how Buddhist of you, Doom!)

  4. drdoomphd Says:

    hahaha, “unique to the internet”, as if. JR has been doing this stiff for years now over on ZK. (Example of self critique.)

  5. Dr. Doom Says:

    As Dean Martin used to say on his restaurant menus, “I’m a singer, not a cook”.

    Well, I’m a blogger but I’m too damn busy right now to attend to this blog.


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